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 need someone to duel

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hermione granger

Posts : 170
Join date : 2010-03-28

PostSubject: need someone to duel   Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:10 pm

anyone want to duel?
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Professor Severus Snape
Ist Year
Ist Year

Posts : 43
Join date : 2010-04-12

PostSubject: Re: need someone to duel   Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:12 am

I will Duel you, Ms Granger!

I entered the Duel Arena that looked Like A Room full of soil all around, and I just stared bewildered at what all Miss Hermoine Granger shall cast against me, but I decided this wont be a friendly duel since Miss Granger has shown Excellent Results in all her classes though she is still taking a detention from me.I smirked and patiently waited for her to arrive while i thought I would just explore the arena

I walked past all those wet soil just to find that i am in a boxed Room and therefore thought about setting Traps for Miss.Hermoine Granger.I plunged my hands to my robes and took out my wand and marveled it for a second.I pointed my wand to the ground and cried "Serpentsortia" I hope she would just be in time to get my snake.I was pretty sure she will be no way near discovering my snake.

Having satisfied that I have been able to cast a good Serpent to the ground , i pointed my wand slightly above the ground and cried "Platonis Revelio" (A spell to cast a Platform that supports only One Person at a time)and I stood on the platform with pride, but I didnt like the dark marshy atmosphere....

I casted An intruder charm, just in case.....

Professor Severus snape
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hermione granger

Posts : 170
Join date : 2010-03-28

PostSubject: Re: need someone to duel   Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:27 pm

I wheeled myslef into the room and looked around. I noticed professor snape across the area on a platform. "hello there! bit of a disadvantage for me right now but... eh im used to this...." I grabbed my crutches and stood up. I weakly moved around a little. I didnt notice the snake because of my eye patch being over my left eye. The snake bit my leg and i gasped in pain. I pointed my wand at the snake and said. "stupefy" I smiled weakely and moved around a bit more then stopped suddenly. "was that snake poisionous?" I asked in a weak voice.

I looked as though i was going to pass out but that i was fighting it. I removed my eyepatch which revealed a scar over my eye. I looked around simently with the better view. I then pointed my wand at professor snape and said. "Avis! Levicorpus! langlock!" I tried as much as possible to make the spells right behind each other.

Looking around again i said "eh yah know what... it hurts to stand... im still weak and so i think i will get my broom. Accio broom" I got onto my broom and flew around in circles still looking a it weak.

My Signature:

We are all studants learning how to become better wizards. We play. We cast. We duel. This is our world and no one can judge us. We are here for many reasons. To live. To learn. To train. To enjoy. -Hermione Granger
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Professor Severus Snape
Ist Year
Ist Year

Posts : 43
Join date : 2010-04-12

PostSubject: Re: need someone to duel   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:30 am

Yes, indeed, It was poisonous, Let me say, try using a Medical Charm!...saying I moved through and noticed a grand deck of spells flying past me, I yelled, Protego, timely enough to deflect them and Then said, Ms Granger, you shouldnt have asked for one! I raised my wand and said "Petrificus Totalus" and Also, I took myself to the the broom Too!
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PostSubject: Re: need someone to duel   

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need someone to duel
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